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These studies have used a range of measures in their efforts to quantify relationship power, and some have had null or inconclusive results ().

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Additional details on the survey’s methods are described elsewhere ().

Sexual power was measured through two factors: relationship control and recently experiencing forced sex.

Four questions were used to construct the relationship control scale, and these were drawn in part from the Sexual Relationship Power Scale (SRPS) (), which contains 23 items in two subscales (decision-making dominance and relationship control).

It was an immensely fertile and productive project of state power, drawing in powerful patriarchal, normative, religious, cultural and medical domains of power with great persistence.

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It displayed both overt and furtive characteristics, and it produced and generated a myriad of intended and unintended perversions.The pervasive and extensive use of banning orders and other forms of legal, political, moral, social and discursive forms of control over sex and sexual expression, marked out the South African state from other regions of the world colonised by Anglo powers in the 17th to 19th centuries.

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